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Staging Services Pay for Themselves

Statistics have proven Staged Homes sell faster and for a higher amount 

A house is often the largest investment many people make.  Turning a house into a home that brings function and pleasure is a challenging task for most.  Whether your end-goal is to create an appealing product to sell quickly in the higher-end of your market or you need guidance to bring charm to your home for your own comfort, we can help!

Staging Services

House Fluffing

This is an in-home DIY Consultation.  We will come into your home and take an inventory of the furniture, accents and the overall condition and appearance of the home.  We can give suggestions about the placement of furniture, accents & lighting and the addition, removal or replacement your own home’s inventory.  In addition, we may highlight home improvements that could be made to enhance the appeal of the house. Within 2 days of the consultation, we will then email you a customized checklist you can work with on your own to help get your home ready for resale or simply for your own liking.

$300/1-2 hour consultation*

(additional time or assistance is billed at a rate of $50/hour)

House Staging

If you are short on time and inventory of your own home furniture and décor, than this may be the service for you. We offer staging services ranging from light accents to full-house staging. 

Call us to schedule an in-home consultation for a proposal*

* Rates are based upon properties within a 25-mile radius of 77429